Nick B

Brain in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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I dont find myself unique nor do I care that people take me anything else than formally direct and perhaps too serious. The purpose of this description is simple: make you understand that I was born surrounded by good people and made the best of what they taught me. My experience and researches culminated in my purpose : Sharing what I know about how everyone behaves with a few simple rules that everyone abide with.

I am no brain surgeon, but know too much about how it works to keep my hypotheses for my own. I have already built projects that will profit everyone around me. To explain the road and bumps I've crossed in my life to wish to consolidate other peoples lives rather than mine (I dont even know what I really like... maybe arts?), I would resume that I had become the perfect prince for whom I chose to be my princess before a tragedy ended that story. I never stopped being that fantastic persona I had created to fulfill any wild fantasies of a sane woman that tried her best to be a good person... but ever since that event, I discovered that I was a rare kind in a world of momentary joy and men of will. Relationships are power struggles rather than taking a moment to explain ourselves. Nobody cares anymore. First impressions are all that matters... Sure, thats not totally new, but... everything has grown exponentially in every direction rather than for a purpose. People lack the insights that make everyone closer to happiness around me and, quite frankly, delusional outside of my circles. So many things seem to be missing for several hundred of people I meet every week. I wish to share what I know from what we are in order to allow us to survive progress.

More efficient tools for bigger fools will eventually turn the clock of power to a new kind of dictatorship and micro-power struggles everywhere around the globe. One saying my brother once let slip from his private journal made it to my ears and, ever since it did... I wanted to change that glance he had over ignorant people:
"The weak are food for the strong to eat".
Any "weak" person that has a little of compassion mixed with integrity and understanding can shape our world into a wonderful place.

I am selfless and incorruptible. How about you?