Babar Mushtaq

I am an artist enjoying a wonderful life. I have been living in 3 Dimension for a long short two years.I am a freelance cg artist with two year of experience in the creative field.
There is only one thing I love more than arts, and this is bringing joy to and creating value for people. These creative design is helping me turn my passion and my dream - serving people with joy and purpose into reality. My entire life has been about arts. I started drawing and painting before I started talking. Every technique I tried I succeed in. I was gud at pencil drawing. At the same time I was good in charchol.Design to me is not just another way to express my artistic talents, but also a great opportunity to use my left brain. I love analyzing, comparing, coming up with ideas about efficiency, and . I am a thinker. I love the beauty of life. It is everywhere, and I have always been amazed by it. Life is not just phenomenal, it's beautiful! And all my creations are filled with beauty, harmony, and love.I have a lot to tell about myself

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