Barack AL-Hajre

Engineering and Mines, Minerals Engineering is specialized in minerals and how to adapt and optimization of characteristics to reach the target specifications to meet the needs and requirements of the work or project.

Also this type of specialized engineering whereabouts of minerals and how they excavated and mined and then processed through the melted minerals extracted and then mixed with chemicals. The foundations and principles of Applied Engineering Management and Economics essence of Mining Engineering, and diverse areas of the mining engineer from the quarry to the cement plants and building materials to chemical processing plants. Can be divided into methods of mining to the two main methods are: By surface mining or what we called open cast mining extraction of minerals under the surface of the Earth or what we called underground mining. This is the best way to determine the mining engineer, depending on the so-called coefficient of the cover or striping ratio is simply the amount of shifted rocks to reach the ore, depending on cost and volume of transactions that will take place later.