Dallas, TX

BaroSolutions Wellness & Weight Loss is dedicated to providing the best quality professional weight loss programs. Breakthrough science-based weight loss programs and supplements, paired with personal attention from weight loss specialists, guarantees patients success in reaching their personal goals.

After signing up with BaroSolutions Wellness & Weight Loss, clients will have unparalleled access to weight loss coaches and nutritionists who work with them throughout their journey to weight loss and wellness. This professional staff is highly trained and consists of dieticians, physicians, researchers, and nutritional consultants.

Together, this team has developed a sophisticated approach to creating a custom weight loss program. BMI Plus is a method developed by BioSolutions to assess an individual's true body type. No longer is the standard Body Mass Index (BMI) enough; BioSolutions’ BMI Plus considers each client’s unique body shape and traits before determining his or her true body type. In addition, the BioNutritional Profile takes into account genetics, stressors, hunger patterns, metabolism, and 100 other factors to determine why one’s body is resisting weight loss. The combination of BMI Plus and the BioNutritional Profile helps specialists determine a weight loss plan that best matches each client’s individual needs.