BasicPrincipal,LLC (Deborah C)

Managing Director in North Carolina

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Introduction: I am a professional individual who have a strong belief in life values and having 100% strong work ethics. I refuse to be dishonest with you and tell you what you want to hear. Also I don't make promises; I help make plans and implementing plans. However, it is important to me to be supportive in order for the truth to be assessed, observed and heard to promote growth. To completely understand my values and ethics, I often use this quote: "The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been” ~ H. Kissinger

SPC Area & Services: Management Relations: ( active in Policies and QA/QI approach; communications includes supervision; screening assessment, referrals and provide individual/group support ; goal planning ; provide crisis management; conduct public relations and press activities; artist development; provide marketing / promotional mix; etc ) - Organization(s): CEO/Owner of BasicPrincial, LLC & Online media management- OfficialFeature ®( new website and upcoming projects-TBA ) ; SoProper Entertainment; Get Right Entertainment and affiliates: Artillery South & BWA ;Christopher Petty(Petty Entertainment ), Promotional Modeling, Talk2EdmJigg ; TMB etc

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    • BasicPrincipal, LLC
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    • Fayetteville State University