Basil Masters

Martial Arts: Basil "The White Dragon" Masters, is one of the most talented American Martial Artist / Actor in today's times of British, Greek,French and Italian descent. Winning countless Martial arts Tournaments and holding Black belts in numerous Martial Arts Styles such as Karate (4th dan), Kung Fu(4th duan) and Tae kwon do(3nd dan) also trained and competed in MMA, Muay Thai, American Kickboxing and Ninjutsu for many years. In 1998 age 14 he won the Full Contact World Karate Championship in Atlanta Georgia. In 2003 age 19 he won the All Style World Karate Championship in Okinawa Japan. Later on he graduated to winning numerous full contact Kickboxing fights and MMA fights in several weight classes and possess many trophies, newspaper articles, certificates and credentials. In 2008 he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communications studies from California State University Los Angeles. In the fitness field, he competed and won 3rd place at Joe Wheatley's Bodybuilding Show at muscle beach in 2011 and modeled for Green X Energy. In 2012 & 2013, he had the honor to judge the Tempt One Martial arts Championships & So Cal Karate Classics; a charity tournament for people suffering with ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease. In 2013 he runway modeled for The Vex Arts Show in Los Angeles. Today ; He is an Activist on Anti-Bullying & Predator Prevention. In 2016 he got inducted in to the U.S.A Martial Arts Hall Of Fame. He is also a head Mix Martial Arts Coach for professional fighters.

Entertainment: He is a SAG-AFTRA actor who has written / produced/directed/starred and fight choreographed in two short martial arts action films, recently worked in 2 features and has studied acting with various diverse acting coaches. The two martial arts films that he wrote/produced/directed/starred and fight choreographed were both video games brought to life. The first film was "Metal Gear Solid Blood Brothers" from the "Metal Gear Solid Series" and played the lead role of Solid Snake. The second film was Bare Knuckle Streets of Rage; from the 90's martial arts action Sega video game: Streets of Rage a.k.a Bare Knuckle. He played the lead role of Axel Stone. In 2015 he filmed "Mortal Kombat Fates Beginning” in which he played the role of Johnny Cage. “No matter how many calamities bestow upon; the one with the Dragon’s soul will always prevail “Basil Masters