Benjamin Becker

About me

Hi, I'm Benjamin Becker, I'm from South Africa, I am a young and very interesting kid, I like to think of myself as a maker, I am very interested in mathematics, coding, science and discovery of the unknown. I am very different since I don't think that I am a typical kid, Often things that normal kids are attracted by do not interest me. I have a different view on life, I like to think that in some ways I am a 50 year old and in others I am a heck of a lot younger. I often know what to say but at the wrong time since I do have bipolar and the medication ruins my thought process. I have really changed in the past year because I was never the best kid because I never saw a need for schooling or any of this, I thought it was all a waste of time. I used to spend weeks on end at home skipping school, going to doctors with my sister, and crying, CONSTANTLY. But now that I take the time to think about life and think before I act upon something to make sure I take that knowledge that I have an put it to good use.


A lot of things interest me, mainly coding and computers. I like working with computers, the thought of having the ability to revolutionize the future just makes me curious. Of course us kids are the future so why not start young thinking of many things that could benefit us. Like I said I like making things and thinking of things that could benefit our future. One of my role models is Pablos Holman, he is a hacker and also a maker. Also Elon musk who is an great inventor and one of the best role models anyone could have. I am also interested in sports, mainly basketball. I like the fast paced action and the practice and the skill that you require to be able to play efficiently, the hard work benefits you highly in basketball, just like daily life. I am very interested in quotes since they can portray very good life skills that any man or woman should know, especially if your ideology is against someone else. I thoroughly enjoy quotes, quotes can really make you think about life, they are often very deep and have a hidden meaning to them especially "Don't let history repeat itself or you are doomed for failure".

My dream job that I have had is to become an Inventor, Investor, and an Engineer