Ben Owens

“If you provoke people, you can inspire them.” – Rafael Grampa
Ben’s greatest strength lies in his abstract reasoning and creative thinking skills. He’s the type of person that can look at an idea or concept and see the bigger picture; he makes connections between seemingly separate ideas that leave lasting impressions in his executions. Because of this, he has the invaluable ability to communicate intricate concepts in simple terms.
“He’s an information sponge…. well-rounded on a myriad of topics ranging from politics to technology.” This knowledge is almost always accompanied by a passion that propels him on his quest for constant improvement, both through his writing and his education. An entrepreneur with a background in design and marketing, Ben graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia with a degree in Strategic Communication. He is pursuing a Masters in the same subject, with an emphasis on the creative process that occurs in advertising agencies. Self-improvement is key to creation.
Ben’s a producer at heart; an individual so hell-bent on success that he can assemble the best teams to take an idea farther than he could have alone. As a creative, Ben’s intuitive, stream-of-consciousness style cannot be replicated. His attention and appreciation to detail is unmatched. It’s not all about the visual, what appears on the surface. Ben sees what is portrayed; not only the amalgamation of the whole, but each individual part.
Ben’s never been one to sit idly, or quietly. Constantly on a brainstorming quest for the next big idea, he’s a proficient writer and a driven creative with a passion and hunger for success and perfection that is never satisfied. There’s always something to tweak, to improve, and to maintain, and that’s one of his strongest assets.

Ben’s been featured in the Columbia Missourian, Arizona Teen Magazine, The Maneater, and has written for a variety of blogs, including Socket Telecom. He’s worked with clients ranging from Sport Clips, a sports-oriented, men’s haircut destination, to collectives such as Radiology Consultants, Inc., a radiology practice in Columbia, MO. Please feel free to contact him for more information.

  • Education
    • University of Missouri, Columbia