Benjamin Chertoff

I started my media career at 19. I've bungie-jumped off the Manhattan bridge, raced sailboats from Newport to Bermuda, photographed humanitarian crises from the gunner's seat of a Blackhawk, done every morning show on the networks and chatted with Buzz Aldrin in the green room at Fox News; I've test-driven everything from electric race cars to $2 million hydrogen-powered prototype SUVs to unpressurized prop-planes at 25,000 feet (logged some landings in the latter, too).

I'm in the Wikipedia. I'm the subject of a conspiracy theory.

But that's nothing compared to the assignment I'm on right now: Finding myself. It might be a while before I file. (So far that's involved changing almost every aspect of my life, as well as cycling 200 miles a week. Needless to say, I've quit smoking.)