Benjamin Sullivan

Ben Sullivan is a tech advocate and expert in computer science, a journalist and an artist.

Passionate about his work, Benjamin entered the technology arena purely on the merits of his own independent prior accomplishments and rapidly moved forward into new and progressively more challenging and demanding posts.

As an expert in computer science, Benjamin has proudly excelled in positions at technology giants like Microsoft and AT&T. While working at Eide Bailly (currently a top 10 CPA firm), Benjamin helped contribute to the success of the (then) newly established technology division.

In addition to serving in the private sector, Sullivan has also held positions with The U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of State and resolved computer science related issues for clients like NASA, USDOD and USDOS while working in the private sector.

Mr. Sullivan has contributed to procedural solutions and documentation at Microsoft and AT&T and helped write the TAC Procedural Handbook for USDOL in 2010.

As a composer pianist, Sullivan has a rich musical study heritage that leads directly back to Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven and Haydn. Sullivan was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in November of 1982 and at 15 years old began his professional piano study under Ginger Hwalek on full scholarship at University of Maine at Orono, later studying with Valentina Kotko and world acclaimed pianists Meng-Chieh Liu (faculty at Curtis Institute of Music) and Samuel Hsu at Cairn University (also under full scholarship).

Benjamin further enjoys photography which he often combines with both his music and journalism. Mr. Sullivan contributes his journalism to a number of web-sites and excels in writing on science, technology and the arts.

  • Work
    • Tech Advocate, Journalist, Artist
  • Education
    • Cairn University, Curtis Institute of Music, University of Maine