Bernard King

Bernard King

Comedy writer/Novelist.

Have been writing most of my life. Started writing gags for Britsh comedians when I was twenty. A couple of years later was writing for the BobMonkhouse and Denis Goodwin Agency in London. They supplied comedy material to the top performers of the era as well as performing themselves. Spent two hectic years writing for just about everybody who came into the office which included all the greats of the time.

In 1964 wrote, with Denis Goodwin, The Bob Hope Christmas Show for BBC radio a high point for me at the time. I left the agency after Denis became ill and went freelance for a couple of years. In the ninties I ran into the novel. What a challenge! One I have been trying to meet for twenty years. Two novels have been published in print form. Sellebrity and Behind Olympia. I gave up on print, digitalised my books and a list is below.

Where Were You When Diana Died?

The sailor Who Ate Cucumber Sandwiches.

Driving With Hitler.

Total Commitment.



The Pulsating Epic Of A Swimming Pool.

And the kids "read to" books:

20 Children's Bedtime Stories.

40 Children's Bedtime Stories.

50 Children's Bedtime Stories.

20 Childrens Bedtime Stories From Grandfather.