Bert Dohmen

Trading the markets for 40 years, specializing in technical analysis.

Founded Dohmen Capital Research Group in 1977, providing sophisticated market and economic analysis to serious investors and professionals.

Developed the "Theory of Liquidity & Credit" as the major determinant of the investment markets. This has enabled to call every bear market of the last 35 years.

Has forecast every recession and bear market over past 35 years.

In 2007-2008, Bert Dohmen’s analysis saved his clients fortunes by correctly calling the bull market top in October 2007 within two days of the top and then forecasting the 2008 crisis. His advice to sell short and buy the inverse-ETFs produced great gains. In early 2011, he correctly predicted that the global financial crisis would return that year.

He is the editor of the acclaimed WELLINGTON LETTER, now in its 37th year.
Author of the book, PRELUDE TO MELTDOWN, (2007) predicting the 2008 meltdown.
Author of the authoritative book, FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE (2011) about the 2008 crisis.
Author of the 2012 Special Report (152 pg), THE COMING CHINA CRISIS.
Rated top MARKET TIMER, including the #1 rating (Timers Digest).
Contributor to
Frequent guest on CNBC, CNBC ASIA, NEWSMAX TV, Financial Sense, etc.

Specialties: Delivering to clients unique, contrarian views and analysis of the markets, economy, interest rates, and currencies, allowing a superior forecasting record. Recent example: forecasting the 2008 global crisis.