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The bubb and Dimples "Experience"

All tucked up in your bubb and Dimples rope and slippers, around a beautifully, scented, candlelit table, with excited friends and family, you all wait for your mini pamper night to start, and it doesn't disappoint!

A delightful glass of Organic bubbly is smoothly poured into a pretty, rather large glass in front of you and a selection of organic mouth watering nibbles are handed around.

Some of you opt for a relaxing foot spa bowl to place those tired over worked feet in, others enjoy the aroma inhalations. I take on the massage mat, which was placed on my chair so I could enjoy a massage while I sat.

We are a merry, happy and relaxed bunch, more organic bubbly anyone?

There is a lot to try, smell and indulge in!

You can follow along with the mini lesson, in how to correctly cleanse and moisturise your face and hands. Next you get to choose a soothing, delicious smelling mask to put on. An interactive chat commences on how to enhance your general well-being.

The entire experience is truly delectable, not only did I leave with my free bubb and Dimples goodie bag, full of discounts and treats, but also a selection of wonderful purchases, let's just say, I couldn't help myself!

Have you own bubb and Dimples "Experience" at your home, office, as a corporate function or as a celebratory gift.

Host booking fee is £25 and is redeemable against purchases made. Terms and conditions apply

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The bubb and Dimples "Experience" make great, Coffee mornings, Corporate functions and team building exercises, "New home" parties, Celebratory gifts or, just for fun!

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Telephone 07845291728 to book skinlicious @BeSkinlicious

NEW bubb and Dimples LUXE

A Signature Home Lifestyle Range

Luxuriously, simple packaging and delicate scents, create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere at home, work or away on your travels.

A sophisticated and classic range, packaged in glass, chrome, wood and reflective plastic, for you to choose from, depending on your individual style and requirements.

@BubbAndDimples signature &D Home Range