Best Drug Rehabilitation

Manistee, Michigan

Offering a personalized approach to recovery, Best Drug Rehabilitation works closely with clients to develop drug and alcohol treatment plans utilizing a wide range of therapies. Clients come to the Manistee, Michigan-based center for rehabilitation that incorporates individual, group, and family counseling; faith-based programs; traditional Native American treatment; acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine; and nutritional therapy, among other methods. Best Drug Rehabilitation of Manistee, Michigan, emphasizes the importance of holistic treatment and thus offers traditional, medically supervised detoxification with programs that address the mental and emotional needs of clients, according to their individual struggles and goals.

Dedicated to providing individuals with the tools they need to lead sober lives, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a number of workshops, which teach skills in areas ranging from music and art to resume writing. Clients can also participate in study groups in preparation for taking the General Education Development (GED) Test, learn basic martial arts, and take anger management courses. Additionally, workshops on financial planning demonstrate to participants how sobriety will affect their lives financially and give them the knowledge necessary to build a future.

Understanding the financial burden that drug and alcohol treatment may place on individuals and families, Best Drug Rehabilitation of Manistee, Michigan, offers affordable programming and a number of payment options so that clients can benefit from their stay without anxiety related to finances. The facility offers some of the most flexible credit terms in the industry and will verify insurance benefits as a complimentary service.