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If you are looking for the best radar detector I would recommend checking out our guide and reviews to help you find the perfect radar detector for your needs. It can be hard for people to choose a radar detector if they don’t know what they are looking for because of the mass amounts of different ones to choose from. In this guide we are going to share the top radar detector brands that I would recommend because having a good performing radar detector is what’s going to avoid you from getting a speeding ticket.

Best Radar Detector Brands

Below are some of the top rated brands for radar detectors. I would high recommend stick to these brands because having a really cheap radar detector doesn’t cut it. These needs to be top of line and need to be able to alert far and quick enough to reduce your speed before getting hit by the radar gun.

Valentine One

The Valentine One Radar Detector is in the top of its class. Depending on the person you ask who are into cars and gadgets would say this is the greatest radar detector to buy. I would put this radar detector within the TOP 3 for sure, no questions asked. But is there really “the best” radar detector? Who knows and I don’t think we will know anytime soon, due to all the radar detector brands and models to choose from.

Escort Radar

Escort Radar detectors are very well known in the community and really designs some quality radar detectors. One of the latest and best models is called “Passport Max 2”. While it’s got a hefty price tag on it, it’s one the best-performing, best-selling and most wanted radar detector. When it comes to manufacturing radar detector, I would ensure you that Escort knows what they are doing.

The first two radar detectors we have discussed are simple the best and you will notice when you see the prices. However, if you are looking to spend much less than 400-500 dollars on a radar detector I would recommend Beltronics.

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