Betty Sternberg

I'm the former Commissioner of Education in Connecticut, the first Commissioner in the nation to speak up about the over reliance on standardized tests in No Child Left Behind and its negative effect on the education of our nation's children. I am heartened to see that educators are finally actively voicing legitimate concerns about this. I also advocated for a five-part strategy to affect our children's education positively. It included: 1) high quality pre-school for all at-risk 3 and 4 year olds; 2) literacy programs for the parents of at-risk children; 3) programs to address the physical- and mental-health needs of our neediest youngsters and their parents; 4) high quality instruction using the finest, technology-rich, research-based curriculum and the professional development necessary to enable teachers to give such instruction; and 5) a longer school day and school year. Currently I teach prospective supervisors and administrators at a Connecticut State University and am impressed by the quality of teachers who are interested in becoming educational leaders. Most importantly, I am the mother of Seth and Sara both of whom have become ethical young adults who contribute positively to this world. I am grandma to Ezra Benjamin Greene who will hopefully reap the benefits of my work to give every child a robust, fulfilling education.