Beyond Fitness TV

Los Angeles, California, United States

Beyond Fitness is an ongoing show aimed to entertain, empower and educate the audience on how to reach new levels of physical achievement. It showcases a variety of functional exercises designed to improve both athletic ability and muscular development.

The series focuses on real-world martial arts to offer both self protection and a powerful method for strengthening and conditioning.

To expedite progress and for lasting results, a priority is set on the mental side of fitness to allow for a true overall transformation. In addition, frequent tips and bonus lessons are included in everything from nutrition and equipment, to adventure and travel.

What can you expect from Beyond Fitness TV:

  • Beyond Fitness Explore (BFX) is a branch of Beyond Fitness that utilizes "environmental fitness."
  • Viewers will learn how to train in any area in any location in a fashion that is safe, fun, and effective.
  • Episodes will contain travel editions to illustrate how to use the principles taught while combining culture and adventure.

Jason Scott Johnson is the current host for “Beyond Fitness TV,” an alternative health & fitness show featuring physical training and martial arts. Jason also starred in featured films, and has appeared in numerous TV commercials and Daytime Television Shows.

  • Work
    • Producer & Host of Beyond Fitness TV
  • Education
    • US Marine 2nd Force Recon Team
    • (F.A.S.T) US Fleet Anti-Terrorism Securtiy Team
    • IFMA World Super-Heavyweight Amateur Kickboxing Champion
    • (N.A.S.M) National Academy of Sports Medicine