Paul Zikopoulos

Oshawa, Ontario

Paul C. Zikopoulos,is the VP of Technical Sales for IBM’s Analytics Platform – Client Success division and additionally leads its WW Competitive Database and Big Data teams. He’s an award winning writer and speaker who’s been consulted on the topic of BigData by the popular show “60 Minutes” and named to a number of “Experts to Follow” lists in social media. Paul has written 19 books and 350+ articles on data. He doesn’t think NoSQL is something you put on a resume if you don’t have SQL skills and he knows JSON isn’t a person in his department. In his spare time, he enjoys all sorts of sporting activities, and apparently hot yoga. Ultimately, Paul is trying to figure out the world according to Chloë—his daughter, whom he notes didn’t come with a handbook and is more complex than that topic of BigData, but more fun too. The rest of the bio is BLAH BLAH, BLAH BLAH so find him on Twitter @BigData_paulz!

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