Bill Asher

Co-Chairman in Los Angeles, California

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An entrepreneur based in Southern California, Bill Asher has led the industry in adult content and distribution for many years. Mr. Asher’s accomplishments included spearheading negotiations with a minor cable company, a move that ultimately demonstrated to larger companies the strong market demand dynamics in play. Building on the success of Califa Entertainment Group, Mr. Asher engaged with major cable providers such as DIRECTV in expanding his company’s lineup to three distinct adult channels. This was followed by Time Warner and AT&T forging partnerships with Califa. Expansion occurred quickly, with consumer spending in excess of $500 million. Mr. Asher capitalized on this success by selling his network to Playboy for more than $100 million.

Subsequently, Mr. Asher launch Vivid Entertainment in 2001 in tandem with co-chairman Steve Hirsch. Drawing on the power of digital and cable broadcasting, the firm provided pioneering adult content to viewers in their homes.

With Vivid, he is currently focused on expanding virtual reality production and is exploring the fantasy sports marketplace. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Dartmouth College and an MBA in finance and entertainment from the University of Southern California.

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    • Vivid Entertainment
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    • Dartmouth College
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