Bob Rothman


Bob Rothman - Professional Gambler banned by the bookies for winning too much.

... and now a major supplier of Genuine Horse Racing Tips

Rothman started late in Horse Racing even though he'd always wanted to be a professional gambler since he was a kid at school. So he started off specialising as the man who could get stable money on to horses laid out to win gambles.

Bob Rothman became known as the man to help whenever contacts had a strongly fancied horse laid out to win it's race.

To start with he hammered the bookies with these winners. Then the bookies banned him for winning and then it was the "Bob Rothman" army of trusted clients who were responsible for getting the money on under the radar. Cowardly bookies would dive for cover when there was a "Rothman Race" as they called it on their managers screens. Hills would sometimes restrict clients to max £25 bets whenever Rothman was having a really big bet.

But Rothman's learning curve was steep as well as expensive. In his first 6 months he lost £35,000 and invested many more £1,000's in information.

But when he turned the corner and started making money he really made it big time - more than £440,000 in his second year of full-time gambling.

Then the bookies played dirty. They hated paying out his clients for good horse racing tips and realised they had to protect themselves from Rothman's clients armed with this winning system, and did everything they could to shut him down.

They even put spies in his network, so when Rothman had, say, a juicy 33/1 shot, they would try and smash up the price before the shows were sent to the betting shops.
That's why he created a betting network. In exchange for helping place commissions on winnings Rothman clients would get access to some of the best horse racing information in the country.

And true to his roots as a professional gambler rather than tipster Rothman would only accept payment for his horse racing tips after they'd won. Oher tipsters charged an annual subscription up front, win or lose.

Rothman's view was he wanted to win and celebrate wins together with his clients. Many called it the fairest and most genuine tipping service in the country.

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Bob Rothman
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