Brandon Schmidt

I have two wonderful children, a girl and a boy. My family is my life.

I graduated from Cheney High School in 2000, and then later Washington State University in 2005. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities.

I began working for Wilcox Family Farms soon after graduation as a temporary employee. Within six months, I was promoted to Production Supervisor. In my time a Production Supervior, I made several strides to improve the efficiency of my plant. I implemented a new tagging system that cut approximately 4 hours of labor a day. I also was in charge of the shift schedule and vacation schedules. I oversaw the daily cleanup of the filler, and surrounding production areas. In April of 2008 our plant was closed, and I was let go.

I was immediately hired at Darigold, Spokane as a casedock worker. Over the course of a year, I was moved to Yard Hostler, and then to a Loadout Crew. I worked there for a few months before moving to the Lab. I was a QA Lab tech for nearly 4 years. I have numerous duties related to milk processing, and butterfat testing; Scale and Thermometer calibrations. I was most helpful in my time in the lab as someone who knows how to use Microsoft Office and Windows products. I was in charge of Computer forms, computer troubleshooting, and Lactocope maintenance and or Repair.

My wife joined the Navy in 2012, and in January 2013 I left Darigold to give my marriage one more shot, and moved to the west side of the state when she returned from boot camp. I spent 5 months as a stay at home dad, and It was the Best job I have Ever had; though it did not pay the bills. When my wife left for deployment I moved back to Spokane with my children to start life over again as a single parent.

I started with Lincare as a Patient Account Coordinator in May 2013 in Spokane, and absolutely love my job. My job as a Patient Account Coordinator was different everyday. My schedule allows me to have breakfast with my children, and dinner with them as well. I transitioned to Setup Up Front Review in September 2014. With my experience supervisor, I am looking to grow in my professional life and I have applyed for open supervisory positions within Lincare. I believe in the future of this growing company and I would like to grow with them.

I have recently moved to Everett, WA again, this will benefit the children as being closer to their mother.