Brandy Worley

Who am I? I am Brandy. Who is Brandy? Me. Again who am I? I am apparently eccentric reading this. I am a mother, and have been since I was 16. When most kids are learning who they are, their dislikes and likes, I was playing house. I gave up my childhood for my children. I don't know who I am other than being a Mom. I have tried discovering myself, but I am most happiest when I am home with my children or out with my children. I have two from my first husband, one from my fiancée, my fiancée has two boys from a previous marriage, and a girl from another relationship. We are the regular Brady bunch, except we are real and not as fake as they were. I am Christian. I don't believe in religion, but in a relationship with my Savior. Church is hard for me to sit though because I can see that it is a man run institution and not a Spirit lead place of Worship. I have only ever attended one church that was Spirit led and even they slowly became less Spiritual.