Brania Moore

Hmm how do i start? well i love rock and roll hahaha like the song xD i grew up listening to The Doors, Queen, The Rolling Stones, and others. i also love metal and electronic music.i like Zombies and all relationed with them. i♥ALIENS! i play guitar, piano, flute, drums, and sing. i'm also a dubstep/electro house/complextro producer. i'm a cutie pie. i talk english, spanish, french, and italian. my favorite color's black. my friends said i'm a weirdo, but who isn't? my favorite character is Stich. i love this cartoon named bravest warriors. oh, i forgot i'm a proffesional dog walker too. i dont like babies. I easily get annoyed. and like 5 other things. u're all my friends :D what else do u want to know?