Bretton MacLean

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Design Co-Founder of Flixel, an app that lets you easily create & share your own living photos (aka cinemagraphs).

Former Partner & Creative Director at Endloop Mobile, UI/UX Designer at Guardly, & IA/IxD at Careerware/Bridges/Xap.

Design Co-Founder of TweetAgora, a filtering/curation app that had potential until Twitter's new rules came in.

14 years of User Experience Design experience. Yes, there are better ways to say that.

I also invented the Rhymeku because I like structured rhyming but lack a rapper's timing.

That said, I once merged the twin powers of geekery and rhyming to pen the following:

I'm so Marty McFly with my rhymes

I go Back to the Future to try to stop crimes

Goin' 88 miles per hour like Delorean

My irradiated style's got power, like Midichlorians

*drops mic*

Copyright ©2014 Bretton MacLean, all rights reserved, don't bite m'rhymes.

  • Education
    • Software Engineering, Minor: Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship