Brooke Berry

After graduating Newbury Park High School, Brooke went on to study Filmmaking Practices at Arizona State University. During this time, she also studied numerous courses in Theatre and Communications. Brooke has channeled all of her creative energy into writing, directing, and developing her TV Personnel. She also managed to found her own entertainment company called, R.R.A.W. Entertainment. R.R.A.W. a community for local musicians, photographers, filmmakers, writers, dancers, etc. to collaborate, project, as well as promote a vision and establish a brand. Currently, Brooke took part in the 2011 Summer Internship Program at Creative Artist Agency where she was able to utilize the information presented to her to further her career. She is heading into her final year at Arizona State University and once graduated in the Spring of 2012, plans to move back to Califronia to pursue a job in the entertainment industry.