Giancarlo Brotto

Global Education Strategist and Public Speaker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Redefine the way the world learns.


Inspiring others to create the conditions where students flourish; learning (love TedTalks); anything related to education; technology; innovation; statistics / big data analytics; diffusion of innovations- instigating transformation in people/organizations; Samuel Beatty Fund; homeschooling my kids; creating music; skiing/snowboarding; windsurfing on water, snow and ice; sharing my insight on Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs


Implementation of technology in education; public speaking; thinking outside the box; teaching; open mindset; mathematics; music creation via trumpet, congas, djembe, cajon +others; speak read and write: English, French, Italian, Spanish; always full of energy and ready to listen and learn.

What I'm working on next and why:

Professional public speaker. Why?.....Fear! From as early as age 6, I have always feared public speaking. Over the last several years, however, the company I work for started using me more and more for public videos, large group presentations and keynotes. The only reason why I agreed to it was my passion for sharing insight and inspiring people outweighs my fear of public speaking. This experience lead to the idea of my becoming a professional public speaker...not my idea...I was speaking at an event and a keynote speaker suggested it. After giving it some thought, I got excited about the idea of taking my experiences as a struggling student, the insight I gathered over the last 18 years working in education and sharing it with students and teachers with the intention of inspiring transformations in their lives. I knew, however, that if people were going to hire me to speak, I had to be good...really good, and hence why I now spend my time "sharpening the saw" – refining and perfect my skills as a public speaker.

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