Bruce Acacio

Bruce Acacio of Infinite Corporation, a global high-tech firm. From his position of leadership, Bruce Acacio oversaw the development of enduring client relationships as well as strategic partnerships. During his tenure, Infinite Corporation grew from 1 location in Southern California to more than 20 locations on 4 continents. Today, he supervises a firm that enjoys a reputation as a worldwide leader in IBM midrange migration and modernization technology.

Bruce Acacio , Infinite expanded its offerings to include the sale and implementation of servers and storage from companies including Dell. As an industry leader, Dell is growing dramatically in the field of midrange servers and storage. In coordinating with Dell, Mr. Acacio positioned Infinite as a Certified Enterprise Architectural Partner.

As information technology moves to open source, businesses employ different operating systems, multiple applications, and different middle-tier strategies and databases. In this environment, Bruce Acacio made the strategic move to enable Infinite to assist clients in developing an open-source strategy. As a result of his leadership, many companies are discovering functional, user-friendly roadmaps to guide them toward this necessary change.