Bruce Karatz

New York, NY

Bruce Karatz is special for a vareity of reasons. But mainly because of the way his career has gome. He started as a superstar architect with KB Home in the 70's and 80's. From there his career really took off in the most amazing way.

Bruce Karatz was given the reins of the company as CEO in the late 80's, and that's when KB Home was really put on the map. Previously they only really specialized in extravagant homes for the super rich.

But Karatz had the brilliant idea to take the copmany in a different direction. He thought that more customers would ensure the company could survive building smaller houses, instead of focusing on the super rich and a few projects a year.

This led to pretty massive success, KB Home rose to the Fortune 500, and the company cleared mulit blillion dollar profits for the first time in their existence.

  • Work
    • Real Estate`
  • Education
    • Doctorate from University of Southern California