Larry Bullard

As the founder of ACTS Community Network and LIFE Seminars, Larry Bullard creates and delivers life-changing experiences. Designed to aid those seeking to improve themselves and their communities, he works through these programs to provide a wide range of services to those in his local and broader community. With LIFE Seminars, for example, Larry Bullard has created and delivered personalized coaching programs, professional trainings, and leadership seminars for a decade and a half. In these venues, Larry Bullard lectures on everything from customer service, event planning, and time management to relationships, personal development, and communication. He teaches from a background of informed experience and keeps abreast of the latest, most relevant curricula for religious, secular, and corporate clients. With his event center, named the Peter S. Knox Conference Center, Larry Bullard complements his coaching, lecturing, and mentoring career by providing a non-profit venue for weddings, medical seminars, educational events, receptions, and government events. Appropriately, the center also hosts retreats for missionaries and pastors, people whom Larry Bullard believes to be especially in need of peaceful respites from their work and responsibilities.

Along with his work at LIFE Seminars and ACTS Community Network, Larry Bullard is a Senior Communicator at The Vine, a men’s rehabilitation center, where he serves as a trainer, teacher, communicator, caretaker, and administrator. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Leadership from a Baptist college. In his time away from work, Larry Bullard enjoys spending time with his family and playing flag football, ping-pong, and tennis. The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren is one of his favorite books.