B.J. (Bunneh3000) Brown

Writer, Engineer, and poet in Connecticut

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Though at heart I am an engineer, I must have been an artist of some sort in a former life. Writing, podcasting, and gaming are without a doubt my passions as a modern geek. I'm constantly searching for ways to improve my livestreaming skillset as well as opportunities for sponsorships.

I founded the Heed Magazine Geekswagg Podcast (www.heedmag.com/category/geeks/geekswagg) back in late 2013 and have seen it grow enough to become a part of lortnation.com programming on Twitch.tv.

I was also a dedicated part of the Gaming Precision Podcast as well to round out my podcasting contributions to the gaming and podcast industries.

I strive to become a recognized gaming personality known by developers and other media professionals throughout the industry. As a personal goal, I hope to be a regular for convention panels in my area (greater NYC area).

As a writer I began as a freelancer back in 2000 (maybe even earlier) on Epinions.com. Since then I've worked with the following sites:

- ForAllNerds.com (Fanbros.com)

- Gamersdecide.com

- Heedmag.com

- GamingPrecision.com

- Blogcritics.org - Honeysoul.com

- WeGotThisCovered.com

- DieHardGamefan.com

- Soultracks.com

- BlackGirlNerds.com

- TheBlackGeeks.com

- ZGamerOnline.com

- Lortnation.com

In each, I've written about my love for music, gaming, comics, and all things geeky. I've managed to carver out my own little niche as a well-informed advocate of gaming, education, and technology. I hope that my adventures as a writer can bring more to the fold of recognizing great indie musicians as well as embracing geek and blerd culture.

  • Work
    • Fuel Cell Energy
  • Education
    • North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University