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QUT Student in Brisbane, Australia

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I'm not really the shy-type. I mean, being a performer (on stage... singing, acting, dancing), 'shy' is the last thing you'd think of me as. But truth be told, I sometimes do curl up into my fetal position for comfort and protection when treading uncharted territory. That's when being introduced to new things I've never tried before. But hey, it only lasts for an hour or so. After being exposed, I'll own the damn thing! So just be careful exposing yourself to me too much. =P

As much as I'm an approachable person, it's usually me taking the lead in doing the approach. I just need to get a hint that you're approachable and I'll take care of the rest. If you're good and sensible, then we'll definitely go a long way. . .

I've come to know myself as someone driven by motivations centered on Friendships, Partnership, and Companionship. I work best as a part of a cooperative team. Solo flight isn't my game! I could lead AND I could follow. What's important to me is the contribution I can offer and the value I can add to the team. I want to work hard to create a harmonious environment with sensitive and genial people. I make things go right for me, with some divine intervention on the side. But seriously, I do get things done, and I get them done fast with qualities exceeding expectations.

On a more personal note, I'm sympathetic, deeply concerned and extremely devoted. I am inclined to be sensitive to others, tactful and diplomatic. But being emotional is one of my key opportunity areas. I am someone who makes really close friendships; and I always prefer quality over quantity. I try not to be too sensitive, however having such a delicate ego is just plain hard.

  • Work
    • Smart Communications, Inc.
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    • Queensland University of Technology