Custom Labels

CBFLabel is the premiere company and website about clothing labels, custom embroidered patches, clothing tags, and custom hang tags in the United States and Europe. Owned by a veteran of the fashion and design industry for over 10 years, CBFlabels is positioned to be the leading authority website on information regarding custom clothing labels and CBF hang tags.

CBF begins with informative and helpful articles about different types of clothing tags where visitors and users can find advice on how to design the best looking tags and labels. CBF also has information on how to design a fashionable custom embroidered patches, hangtags, and a complete and helpful list of tips for clothing designers.

Additional information on designing custom labels and tags for consumer clothing lines is also provided so that clients can know what they should look for when submitted sketches and artwork for patches and labels.

On the website there is also a helpful blog section where CBF will post frequent information and news about fashion events, activities, shows, and much more. The blog section of the website will also go over a variety of tips for custom clothing tags, CBF clothing labels, custom embroidered patches, and hang tags. CBF has plans to expand into other areas of clothes labeling throughout 2015 and into 2016.

So along with informative fashion industry information and helpful tips, visitors will also find intriguing information on the latest fashion trends and celebrity clothing fashion trends in the industry. Stories will also be shared with CBFLabel’s other social media properties as well.

If you are currently in need of patches, labels, or hangtags, please contact our sales and customer service department. Our staff is available Monday through Friday and is here to help you answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Contact us today!