Cameron Chell

Calgary, AB

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Originally from Alberta, Canada, Cameron Chell has more than twenty-five years as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and management advisor. Cameron Chell is also the author ofThe Sustainable Startupand has contributed as a writer to a number of publications.

Naturally curious, Cameron’s initial foray into the tech sector came at a young age when he began designing and creating wireless irrigation valve.

In 1997, Cameron established his first company that brought in outside investors, FutureLink with a $2 million capital investment. FutureLink was the first Application Service Provider which was the precursor to the modern Cloud Computing company. Microsoft was the first partner of FutureLink and subsequently the first company to serve applications over the internet which started the Software As A Service industry.

Always looking for the next thing in the technology industry, Cameron then went on to co-found Engyro, a software solutions producer specializing in the integration, consolidation, and simplification of IT operations. Engyro was later acquired by Microsoft.

Some of Cameron’s other notable business ventures include UrtheCast, the first satellite video provider from space. Slyce, an image recognition company that is the first real-time Convolution Neural Network for Retail/e-tail and health care. Dragan Fly the original developer of the quad copter unmanned arial vehicle and Raptor Rig the latest in automated drilling rig technology that reduces the cost of drilling times by 30%.

Cameron Chell credits his entrepreneurial success to three principles: clarity, alignment and measurement. For Cameron, clear communication, team alignment and measurable goal-setting are the foundational building blocks that early stage startup success and growth is built on.

By embracing this three-tiered concept, Cameron believes that even seemingly impossible goals can be attained. This fortitude and belief in the possible has made Cameron a sought-after speaker and media source, who is often called on to speak on emerging trends in thetechnology sector.

Outside of the startup world, Cameron Chell lives in California with his wifeand three children, is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys kickboxing. Cameron is also a former decathlete.

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