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Candice Elders

Higher Ed Communications in Saint Joseph, Michigan

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I entered this world, not as a digital native, but on the cusp of Gens X and Y, aligning my formative years with those of the burgeoning digital revolution. I am endlessly fascinated by the evolving ways we connect with each other, and excited by the possibilities presented by the democratization of communication.

As someone who has built a career in non-profit communications, I wonder what all this can teach us about ourselves -- our nature, our culture -- and how we can use our tools and connections for good.

Are we ego-centric narcissists or savvy self-marketers? Is technology creating self-imposed prisons of social isolation, or giving voice to those otherwise unheard? From identity theft to the Arab Spring, how do we avoid the looming dangers of digital destruction, while embracing the seemingly endless possibilities to enhance our lives and communities?

What do you think? What are you creating? What do you have to say? Let us all inform, amuse, enlighten and inspire one another, shall we?

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