Capital Preservation Services

Financial Services Provider Since 2004 in Flowood, MS

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Capital Preservation Services, LLC, based in Mississippi’s Jackson Metro Area, offers tax planning and related marketing services to small business and high-net-worth professional clients. Founded in 2004, the firm has since grown to include offices in Alabama, Florida, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Founder and current president Todd Mardis and the Capital Preservation Services team concentrate on optimizing tax savings for clients who typically pay at least $75,000 annually in federal income taxes.

The Capital Preservation Services team consists of professionals experienced in wealth management, investment, insurance, and the financial services and legal sectors. The firm’s collective ability to structure assets in new ways while remaining in compliance with all relevant tax code requirements has helped clients realize significant reductions in both taxes owed and penalties on assets and earnings.

Working with Capital Preservation Services often includes an individualized corporate restructuring plan. Numerous clients have seen their tax rate move down into the 15 percent to 20 percent brackets after the implementation of such a plan. Liaising with its network of associated attorneys and accountants, the firm is additionally able to bolster corporate restructuring with audit defense and business succession planning directed to avoiding future unnecessary liabilities and penalties.

The Capital Preservation Services core approach lies at the intersection of tax planning and marketing in its team’s thorough understanding of how each of these aspects complements the other, as well as how they influence an individual’s or organization’s bottom line. The successful management and balancing of tax planning and marketing can thus help a client achieve greater revenue and consolidate broader growth.

In addition, clients benefit from the team’s understanding of best practices in the related areas of estate planning, management of charitable easements, non-qualified deferred compensation planning, and ongoing wealth conservation strategies.