Cattski Espina


I'm Cattski. I write songs. And sing. I don't just write songs by the way--- I nurture them. And by that I mean, I bring them to life in a recording studio and turn them into the stuff you play on your digital music players. I made 3 albums with my band in a span of 9 years and then I stopped. I didn't stop making albums. I stopped being in a band.

My new album is called 0:00:00 (Zero). I spent two years creating it. The first year was dedicated entirely to facing fears, feeling unpleasant things and writing them all down. It was an incredible process of letting the unpleasant transform into the pleasant. I say that because the songs seem to carry some endearing qualities and it's actually quite refreshing, considering my past albums made me look like life beat me black and blue.

The second year was all about the tedious business of building the music into these layers and layers of waveforms with my geek co-producer. And it was by far, the most fun thing I've ever done, even if it was a rollercoaster journey.

I'll be spending the rest of my life feeling things and making music out of things. And, most definitely, dedicating the next 12 months to putting 0:00:00 out "there", one song at a time --"there" being the World Wide Web. I know you're out there because I am here and I hope the music will find their way to your ears.

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    • CEO for 22 Tango Records