Charanjeev Salva

The 9 years of my professional journey have been surreal, donning different turbans across various sectors, pertaining to some revolutionary assignments in digital media, financial services, fmcg, travel, and now working on an interesting retail assignment.

I have been an integral part of re-engineering traditional business models/structures, transforming them into an hybrid, that has significantly helped wider market reach, and an access to a bigger consumer pie.

A believer in ideas, and thus working on a few pet projects, that challenge the system, and transform the way individuals do business, or consume, or even interact.

A great admirer of designs - products, web, mobile, etc. After all, a great design, communicates, great engineering, in the simplest form! So, if you have an idea, or have a knack of simplifying products through your design, we need to connect - @theflyingsikh

  • Education
    • Bachelor in Computer Application, Masters in Marketing & Finance