Chicago Geek Breakfast

Small Business Owner, Social Media Manager, and Project Manager in Chicago, Illinois

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"Geek", "Nerd"....all are pretty cool buzzwords. However, many of us wonder - what does being a geek or a nerd actually mean?

It means we are driven by passion. We have our own particular subjects of interest. We live our lives out loud, focusing on nontraditional, unique ways to connect and build relationships. It means we've moved beyond the traditional "two-drink-minimum-and-exchange-business-cards" model of
networking. We build our connections online and offline, share our passions, and build strong community connections.

Welcome to the Chicago Geek Breakfast - every month, people from a variety of fields (from tech to marketing, nonprofits to finance) gather for casual conversation over breakfast. We're a community-driven, open source- style of networking, believing that the best way to build our networks offline is through casual conversation. It takes great courage to live out loud, passionately and unashamed, acting as pioneers in our chosen field. Geek Breakfasts serve as catalysts for such people all over the country, and Chicago serves as a great hub for those willing to share their time, their talents, and their insight.

We're a small, but passionate group who meets every second Thursday of the month at Wow Bao, located on the ground floor of 225 N. Michigan (Michigan & Lake - we're behind the escalators). We usually hold our breakfast from 7:30 am to 9:00 am, allowing you to finish just in time to begin a great day! It's a relaxed vibe with some great conversation, and there are only three rules of Chicago Geek Breakfast:

It's free to attend (you're responsible for your own food, tax & gratuity);

We encourage you to post to social media (with a Creative Commons licence) as long as you use the #chicagogeekbreakfast hashtag and

We don't accept sponsorships (We welcome collaborating with other like-minded organizations)

We welcome all kinds of individuals, and would like you to become part of our group. Find out more (and even RSVP for an upcoming event) by clicking "Attend My Event" above. Please e-mail us at [email protected]. Be part of a simple (but powerful) group....and enjoy a great breakfast and good conversation in the process.