Kimberly Nelson

Chicago Illinois

I am a Licensed Business Loan Broker located in the Chicago Gold Coast.

I am a Capital Source Specialist. I get business loans approved for the small business owner.

In my years as an entrepreneur small business owner, a problem kept emerging - lack of liquidity and access to business credit or financing that my business desperately needed to excel to the next level. I was forced to use my personal credit to purchase supplies, fund payroll, etc. My personal credit was always at risk.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Through frustration and years trial and error in getting my personal small business loan approved, I realized I had obtained a vast knowledge of Commercial Lending. I decided to incorporate my new found knowledge of Business Loans Finance -obtaining micro loans, start up loans, fast business loans, signature loan sources, and alternative credit sources.

Chicago Business Loan Lady - I package your small business loan so that it will get approved anywhere in the United States.

Fast business loans

Micro loans

Hard money loans

Start up loans

Mortgage loans

Personal loans

Payday loan

Unsecured loans

Business credit cards - no ssi needed

CFBL Corp. - DBA Chicago Fast Business Loan

The credit card loan insurance place.

My Goal

My Goal

To put my vast knowledge of succeeding as a Entrepreneur. Aid in the ending of unemployment by enlightening others on job creation. Change the thought process of joblessness One never be unemployed! Offer legit options of supplement income. One can living making money online working from home . To become leading source loans for middle class/lower class . . Provide quick information and resources g to personal credit, and build business credit. I will give direct funding sources, hard money loans,start up, small business loans and government loans. Aid the he average lower income/ middle-class household in trying to re-establish themselves. . Reach millions unique visitors worldwide and obtain millions of social media followers and make i

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