Dylan Jason .....Chicco

I’m now 27 years old and I can say that in those 27 years I’ve achieved and experienced a lot in life. But I've still got a long way to go. I usually goes to a place where I know and feel that nothing is off limits. If I can think of it, then I can do it! I spent most of my childhood in Tayabas City, a central town in Quezon (Philippines) which is known for it's rich cultural heritage. I went to Casa del Nino Jesus de Tayabas during my pre-school days, grade school at Tayabas West Central School & Luis Palad National High School. I took up Contact Center Services Course at MSC Institute of Technology in San Pablo City, Laguna with my relatives there.

I am always up for discovering new people and incorporating them into my world. I like filling my world with people who are brighter than I am, more adventurous than I am, more beautiful than I am, more gifted than I am—or less than I am in any of these areas—but greater in others since I can experience and learn much from just knowing them. I am not big on stereotypes or preconceived notions, which means I am not likely to be judgmental or self-righteous. I love traveling and I also like the idea of living abroad, and I have a bit of fetish for people who speak more than one language. My journey of being a young professional began in 2002 when I run for the SK Elections as a SK Chairperson in our small barangay and won the position. After a short while I began the process of leading the youths of our community not only politically but socially.

Being "Madiskarte" is one of my strong points so after high school I decided to opt for the working route. I took on various part-time jobs like choreographing, talent development teaching, waiter and hotel roomboy which is my first job, I became a Radio DJ on a FM Station until I settled into my full time job now as an Administrative Staff III of a politician in our province. There were points in my life that I struggled to find purpose and reached a point where I think I am no longer needed in this world, however, my faith in God with the help of my friends and family changed all of that and personal development took on a whole new meaning for me.

At this point of my life, I wanted to share my experiences to others. I actually love helping others specially to those closest to my heart. I want to live my life to the fullest.