Brian Lee

Business Development Expert in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Congratulations! My name is Brian Lee and by coming to this site you may have found the next most valuable employee of your company and I would like for you to consider hiring me to do so.

My experience as an entrepreneur began as a ten-year old kid when I started my first business selling newspaper subscriptions and delivering papers. Whether the sun was shining or the snow was flying, every day my dad and I would load papers into the back of his Ford Pinto wagon and do the route together. Weekends were extra special because dad would throw in breakfast at McDonald’s. We never solved the world’s problems from any of our conversations while doing the route, but one thing my dad taught me was the importance of people and family. It was through the pursuit of people and taking an interest in the families within my neighborhood, not the pursuit of profits, that caused my paper route to grow.

One of my customers was a retirement community called Oak Ridge Manor. Every day the building would light up because the people knew that when I walked through the doors I would take an interest in their lives and do more than just deliver the paper – I would take the time to visit with them. As a bonus, every Christmas I arranged to have my Sunday school class sing Christmas carols for them. I also wrote hand-written notes of encouragement and would include it with their newspapers. After a couple of years of providing that high level of service to my customers, the paper route grew 300% and the Star Tribune honored me with “The Sales Master of the Year Award” 3 years in a row.

The model I used to develop and grow my business as a ten-year old kid hasn’t changed over the last 30 years, except that the numbers have gotten larger. Every business, no matter what its size has employees, vendors, and customers that are all made up of people. My authentic leadership approach with people has consistently resulted in highly engaged, productive employees and long-term relationships with customers and key stakeholders. I can see the potential in people and process, draw it out and motivate people into action. I recognize talents, skills, and knowledge in people and intuitively sense how very different people can work together. Because of this, I have developed highly successful individuals and teams and would appreciate the opportunity to also do that for you. If interested, please click the hire me button above.

  • Education
    • St. Olaf College