Chris Blackman

Consultant in Melbourne, Australia

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Chris Blackman, Partner at Melbourne Business Consulting Group, is a Strategic Management Consultant with practically two decades of corporate general management experience who started his consulting career in 1999. He has a track record of transforming client organisations into more efficient, strategically-aligned, profitable, financially strong entities.

Educated in the UK where he qualified as a systems engineer, Chris worked in technical roles for the first decade of his career, in the burgeoning computer and peripherals area. Before the PC era he travelled the globe analysing and repairing complex, extremely expensive newspaper pre-press production systems down to micro-component level.

Moving from the UK to the USA, then onward to Australia, Chris took over as MD of a small typesetting-equipment marketing company in Melbourne and grew the business more than 300% in three years before moving to a larger company where he started practising corporate strategy, with a focus on marketing, and growth by acquisition.

Through his work in a number of different companies, Chris rapidly developed capabilities and skills across a wide range of industries and the full gamut of corporate disciplines required to run and make more profitable almost any kind of business. He uses that wide expertise today, consulting with clients ranging from start-up, to SME and to some of Australia's largest organisations.

Chris has worked in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Japan and S E Asia, and has been a resident of the UK, Netherlands, USA and Australia.

He is a past member of the Institute of Management Consultants in Australia, and is a past Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute. He is also one of the top-ranked experts on the public online forum at

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