Chris Young

Chicago, Illinois

A social media and digital marketing professional born not from a school of marketing, not from the school of hard knocks, but from self driven determination and love for all things digital marketing.

Outside of work, I’m the Pubmaster. A beginning homebrewer, frequent craft beer consumer, planter of vegetables, sometimes harvester of said vegetables, and pitbull lover (the dog breed) living life uncapped.

On my blog, PubCap, I'm talking craft beer, home grown vegetables, container gardening, making or growing things from scratch, pitbulls, and nature.

"Contact me, if seeking digital marketing help you may be.I help with social media strategy, community management, analytics, content and vendor selection, it doesn't matter if you have or don't have direction. Any task will not only be done, but will be done +1." ~Chris

  • Work
    • Bridgestone
  • Education
    • University of Illinois