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Christian Erickson

Global Marketing Leader, Consultant, and Writer in Austin, Texas

Christian Erickson

Global Marketing Leader, Consultant, and Writer in Austin, Texas

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Two years as an expat in Finland & now two years home in ATX - Austin, Texas. A husband & dad with a thirst for knowledge, travel, growth and learning.

I run Hill Country Advisors, which works with a limited number of clients (start-ups, not-for-profit, established brands) providing strategic planning services focused on marketing communications, product marketing, sales enablement, and sales funnel development. Current clients include a cloud-based platform for structural engineers, an established email marketing SaaS company, and an Austin-based not-for-profit.
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For marketing and management stuff, visit & message me through my LinkedIn Profile. I'd love to tell you more about what I am doing. I'm also available for full-time employment if you need a marketing leader or product marketing manager OR you need that key hire to help grow your international markets.

A passion of mine is helping others; helping others learn and grow in business and in life. Not only is that a role of mine as a manager but also an interest of mine through Biz4Kids. For more information and how I started this venture visit

I enjoy reading business and leadership books as well as history. I also enjoy creating videos using Final Cut Pro X, iMovie for the iPad and creating background music using GarageBand (just started with that one). Visit my YouTube page @ ChristianEricksonMBA or the family YouTube page @ EricksonFamily.

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