Christian Mueller

Zurich Switzerland

I'm a guy from Switzerland. I like cycling and working out (indeed an odd combination), which relates well to my job. I'm a sports marketing professional who is lucky enough to work for one of the leading sports companies in the world. I'm past 40 years in age, which I spent

  • studying chemistry earning me a PhD
  • working for a top management consultancy firm (McKinsey)
  • reading loads of history and (non-)fiction books
  • learning to speak (Swiss-)German, French, English, Italian and lately Russian
  • getting married (to Marina) and fathering 4 children (Sascha, Mischa, Nico and Nastja)

If we ever meet biking on the road, go easy on me as I'm moving heavy load (about 100kg/220lb) - correct that: I just lost 15kg (but still to heavy to compete).

  • Education
    • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Eth Zurich