Christina Ciani

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Writer in Columbus, Ohio

Christina Ciani

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Writer in Columbus, Ohio

I am a self Mastery go-to Guru. People rely on me to help them in their personal and professional lives for insights, self mastery, understanding higher energy relationships and input for the best life they can create.

With 30+ years experience in how to find, undo or create and integrate new insights and philosophies that serve you best in your life as it evolves, I speak with clients regularly as their personal Life Assistant, Guru sounding-board, trusted guide and friend of the Master you are within.

My clients love that I have years of experience in nearly all world philosophies, metaphysics, spirituality and live the practical and profitable application of each with no attachment to any one modality - what works for you, your passion and peace, serves your love and life will work best for you.

I enjoy studying ancient texts and how the works of Masters can be applied in your life if those are books of interests to you.

Working with me can be a One Time hour long experience, but most people choose to have regular weekly calls with me so that we work with your schedule and budget giving you more ongoing insights and answers in short periods of time as you need them over a longer course of weeks as you dive into more areas you want to fine tune in you.

I do yoga and meditate daily, teaching those who wish to learn. Youthing is possible with simple tools. . .

Hobby: Language re-interpretation, belief system decoding and restructuring are easy for me - what you think something means is more important than what the Dictionary tells you.

I love people, believe in the love in the hearts of all that though it may have been forgotten since childhood, and know the healing techniques of miracles and Grace. I found how to heal myself after a surgeon left my right knee only 50% usable. Today, I am a walking, skating, running medical miracle.

Nature has great healing power for everyone and music can change your mood in a moment.

Other things I do that are cool:

Hear Grace, Hear the sound of Creation, Empath - which means understand how feelings are impacting you. See invisible energies.

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