Christopher R McGuire

Technical Thinker with a Creative Mind...

Throughout my career, I have run through the gambit of the software development life cycle. From requirements gathering, to development; information architecture to quality assurance; sql queries to application branding. You might label me a generalist. I prefer to think of myself as a person who likes to understand every aspect of an application and its usability to provide an optimal user experience.

What Does This Mean For You?

I have worked with web as well as WPF desktop applications, always keeping the user at the forefront of all designs. What does this mean for you? This means that I bring to the table not only an understanding of application usability, but also the knowledge of how to get the task at hand accomplished. I have managed resources from the conception of a project through its end of life, and have the skills to lead a project to fruition.

Creativity Outside of the Technical Box...

To not continually foster my skills with the developing creative trends and technologies would leave me at a disadvantage. I am currently seeking a degree in Graphics Design to formalize my creative skill set. I am always available to help you with not only your web design needs, but I continue to take on many freelance graphic design projects as they are made available. If you would like assistance on a project as small as a postcard or brochure design to as large as a theatrical set design, contact me. I will be able to help you out.