Christopher Roche

Biotechnology for Advanced Immunity MES in Global Markets

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Christopher promotes this through simple information and easy steps to follow. Following the work of medical community leaders Dr. Ahvie Hercowitz, Dr. Stan Gardener, Dr. David Nieman, PhD., he pivoted his 30 year health and fitness career to focus on helping people attain, what he refers to as 'Efficient & Optimal Health'.

Redox Signaling, a new field of science, through double blind, placebo controlled research, has proven it provides a powerful impact on how physiology responds to chronic illness, microbiome dysfunction, brain dis-ease, rogue cells, oxidative stress, and other issues, SEEN AND UNSEEN.

Redox Signaling ACTIVATES THE PATHWAY TO HEALING DAMAGED TISSUE (Damaged cells = any part/cell of the human body). Ask for the Gene Study:

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As stated by Dr. Gary Samuelson, PhD, Atomic Medical Physicist, "Redox technology will spearhead the greatest advances in health we have ever seen".

Christopher: "Being asymptomatic has not been an indication of ‘health‘ for a very long time. Genetic changes that can cause cellular health issues can occur 5-6 years before a symptom becomes apparent to indicate there is a reason for concern. You don't have to spend your last 10 years fighting disease!"

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Christopher is a Medical Exercise Specialist with the American Academy of Health, Fitness & Rehabilitation Professionals and has over twenty years experience in presenting education, program management & development working with organizations such as The Richmond Hill Country Club, York University & The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. He is an International Master Trainer (Continuing Education Team) for C.O.R.E Health and Fitness and also on the BOSU International Master Training Education Team. Christopher is certified by The American Council on Exercise, Canadian Fitness Professionals, and The National Coaching Certification Program. He is an accredited education provider by The Ontario Fitness Council, CanFitPro, ACE, has presented at multiple Universities, international conferences and is recurring guest at Humber College. Christopher was the Education Author and Director of Education for Lebert Fitness 2009-2012. He joined the Rosedale Club, Toronto, in 2016 where he brings expertise in program development, personal training management, mentorship and group fitness training.