Christy Marie Torres


I have a wide range of passions so I suppose it would be best to start from the beginning. I grew up with technology playing a large presence in my life at a very young age. As a digital native computers and the internet were not something I had to learn but my second language. As social networks grew in popularity so did my curiosity and enchantment with anything and everything internet famous. Spending hours upon hours on the internet gives you plenty of time to observe and absorb the trends that make something engaging.

I carried that fascination into my career as a professional. I spent a small amount of time working as a Community Manager for a creative agency in Colombia launching their Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr presence online. While there, I created content, increased their fan base and engagement, and monitored their relationship with their community online. As well as serving as their business translator and developing a creative concept for their first ever web design competition.

I am currently working as the Marketing Coordinator for a small pediatric dental and orthodontic practice here in Dallas. This position has given me the opportunity to wear many hats working different aspects of marketing a small business. My role includes many things from branding, to community management, to project management, to copywriter, to video editor, to event marketer, to creative design, to research and development, and many things in between. During my time at this practice I have successfully launched and developed the following campaigns: internal patients engagement, ad campaign, community outreach, doctor to doctor referrals, patients referrals, and last but certainly not least I have begun to rebrand the practice under an official name, logo, colors, voice, and a more modern feel.

I have learned to either use the free analytic tools that are provided to me through a platform, search and find free analytical tools, or create a tool that allows me to track the results of each marketing effort that I begin. Facebook analytics, Iconosquare, Sumall, SmileReminder, the Sesame User Dashboard, and Excel have quickly become some of my best friends.

  • Work
    • Marketing Coordiator- myKIDSdds
  • Education
    • St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas