Cindy "RODEO" Steedle

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Hi, My name is Cindy "RODEO" Steedle. I live an amazing life. As a Sr. Vice President for Epic Lifestyle Events, LLC., Actress and Consultant Social Media Brand Specialist. Now Executive Producer for Taste Of Speed Luxury Lifestyle Experiences and launching 2nd annual 2015 Image Rock Live Fashion luxury Top Designers. Started in Georgia and now taking the Glam Life across America, for all to enjoy. We raise awareness for Foundations that Also, Host, Inspirational Speaker, Fitness Model /Beachbody Coach / Personal Celebrity Trainer, and I Speak-out to schools to take steps towards IMAGINE NO BULLYING NOW.

I get to travel the World, drive Exotic Luxury cars while on tour as Logistic Coordinator Manager in Automotive. I hang with business minded people that believe in going the extra mile to make a difference in marketing.

While not on tour, I'm busy doing In Home Staging for Real Estate Brokers to sale homes. Also, I help home owners update their homes with any budget that they may have at the moment. Also, do planning for private or corporate staging to give them a luxury high-end event with a touch of Southern Charm.

Plus, I'm a loving mother and my special guy is always by my side.

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