Cindy "RODEO" Steedle

Executive Consultant, Social Media, and Producer in Atlanta, Georgia

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Hi, My name is Cindy "RODEO" Steedle. I live an amazing life. As a CEO for Epic Lifestyle Events, LLC., Executive Level Consultant in Social Media Brand an Specialist. CEO/Founder of Taste Of Speed Luxury Lifestyle Experiences and launching 3nd annual 2016 and Image Rock Live Fashion luxury Top Designers. I'm proud to to be from Georgia. My passion is to help raise awareness for local Charity Foundations and Nationally. Enjoy, Hosting luxury events, Reality TV Personality, Actress, Inspirational Speaker, Fitness Model /Personal Fitness Celebrity Trainer, at HardBody360 and I Speak-out to schools to take steps towards IMAGINE NO BULLYING NOW.

I get to travel the World, drive Exotic Luxury cars while on tour as Logistic Coordinator Manager in Automotive. I surround myself with business minded people that believe in going the extra mile. While staying a step ahead with fresh marketing branding ideas by delivering Professional and dynamic customer service.

While not on tour, I'm busy with a passion of mine and that my Crabapple HomesStaging in Real Estate home buyers, current home owners to Commercial Developers for events, Renovations and Flips. Even help home owners update their homes with any budget that they may have at the moment.

Thank you for visiting my about me page and looking forward to hearing and meeting with you in the coming days.


Cindy "RODEO" Steedle

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